Ash Beads

Ash Beads makes glass beads and pendants with the ashes of loved ones or pets

I make each of these beautiful keepsake beads by hand, one at a time. I use a torch, and rods of special, colored, silvered glass. The glass is melted and formed it into a round bead. A very small amount of ashes are incorporated into a spiral design on the bead, then the entire design is sealed in a clear layer of glass. The ash becomes part of the bead and can always be kept close. The colors are ethereal, like a planet or a universe, or the infinite heavens. Each individual bead is a unique and lasting gift - just like the memories of your pet. The spiral design, is the ash it's self. Sometimes the ash comes out white, sometimes it comes out golden. Each bead is unique. When I go into my studio to make a bead, I am centered and my thoughts are clear. I am in a good mood. I put only my best energy into each bead. If I am sick or having a bad day, I don’t make beads. I only want good energy, love, and good thoughts incorporated into every bead I make. I take making beads with ashes very seriously and begin each bead with the utmost respect.
Price range: 
Under $500


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