I fuse cremated remains into stained glass for either jewelry or as part of a larger stained glass panel or suncatcher.

I create custom fused and stained glass art that contain the cremated remains of peoples loved ones-whether 2-legged or 4-legged. Whether their loved ones loved motorcycles, flowers, cardinals, the ocean or music...most anything..I strive to capture the beauty of that love and create it in glass for a forever memorial. Whether my clients desire a pendant or a large stained glass panel, their deceased loved ones can be with them wherever they go. The sun shining through stained glass sets the colors free and the beauty just fills the room. I like to believe that that sparkling beauty is the energy of our loved ones....always with us. I want to help people through their grief by creating beautiful memorials that can be with them always. They can feel the love each and every time the sun shines.
Price range: 
Under $500


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