Cambridge Scatterings

We offer affordable professional cremated remains scattering services with care and dignity for your family member, friend or loved one at sea, on the land, or in the mountains.

We offer professional cremated remains scattering service of your family member, friend, loved one, or pet at sea, on the land, or in the mountains. Cambridge Scatterings is a family owned company based in Sacramento, California that strongly believes in providing professional scattering services with care and dignity. We are sensitive to the honor that families entrust us with when using our services. We offer affordable, low cost cremated remains scattering service in a variety of manners including aerial ash scattering by airplane however, some ashes may be scattered at sea by boat, cruise ship, catamaran, surfboard or by hand as requested by the Family. We offer affordable ash scattering service for your family member, loved one or pet in a variety of beautiful locations in accordance with state and local ordinances. Once the scattering has been completed, you’ll receive a special commemorative certificate and a photo of the scattering location. We also provide special fly over services on the date and time of your choosing (weather permitting). Watch as we soar overhead to perform your scattering service. We’ll rock our wings as a glorious salute to honor your loved one. Cambridge Scatterings offers peace of mind when making arrangements to have the cremated remains of a family member or loved one scattered in a dignified and caring manner. We are fully licensed by the California Department of Consumer Affairs and our services are carefully documented to ensure the continued trust of the hundreds of families and funeral homes we serve.
Price range: 
Under $500


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