Day Break Dreams

Daybreak Dreams specializes in glass pendant necklaces with infused cremated remains. We also infuse cremains into blown-glass candle holders and custom Spirit-Animal sculptures.

Ryan Higgins is the artist and designer of products at Daybreak Dreams. He lampworks borosilicate glass into elegant jewelry and artwork in the flames of gas torches. His memorials are created by infusing cremated remains into the hot sculpted or blown glassworks. Our most popular products are the cremation pendant necklaces. The designs include teardrop, halo, heart, moon, and nautilus motifs with availabilities in a variety of colors. Ryan's sensibility for beauty is evident in the fluidity of his forms. Many of the designs incorporate a unique application of vaporized-gold fumed onto the glass. In 2018, Daybreak Dreams introduced a unique product line of candle holders. "Urn Candles" are handblown with cremains infused into the glass. The ashes produce a beautiful speckled pattern that visually stands out amid the warm glow of candlelight. Daybreak Dreams also works with clients to design and create custom Spirit-Animal sculptures. These are usually hand held size artworks with cremains infused into the main body of the animal. Samples can be seen in the gallery section of our website. Spirit Animal orders are negotiated through direct email or phone conversation with Ryan, the artist.
Price range: 
Under $500


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