Memoriam Jewelry

Unique handmade memorial and reliquary jewelry.

I started Memoriam Jewelry in hopes of bringing people solace during one of their most difficult times. No one can prepare you for the emotion toll that losing a friend, family member, or a beloved pet can take on you. It is not an easy path to walk and the grieving process takes many forms. My hope is that I am able help in some small way and my goal is to provide you with a wearable memento of your loved one as a reminder of the importance of living your best life in their memory. I started this business after experiencing the death process first hand and making my own memento to help me through. During that time I found comfort and knowledge about death and dying in working to create my own collection of reliquary jewelry and connecting with other artists and death professionals that aim to encourage a discussion around this "taboo", and rarely spoken of, subject. This gave me information and resources to help me decide what was best for me and my loved ones once the inevitable came. I have taken the task upon myself to spread the word that that having a good death is possible and to bring comfort to those going through the grieving process, or the death process in any way I can.
Price range: 
Under $500


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