Handmade, modern, minimal cremation vessels that double as planters.

Introducing Planturns, handmade cremation vessels with a modern design aesthetic. A non-traditional urn with a living component. The top of the urn holds the plant, and the cremains are housed in the bottom. The top and bottom of the urn are secured by hidden rare earth magnets. The magnets are extremely strong, so even if the urn gets knocked over, the contents will be safe. Included with the urn is a hand waxed muslin bag to hold your loved one's cremains. Muslin was chosen to echo traditional burial shrouds.All the Planturns come with a glass or ceramic holder for whatever you choose to put in the top of your Planturn. You can place an air plant in there, plant a low maintenance succulent, or change it up with the seasons.
Price range: 
Under $500


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