Your Angel's Ink

We infuse cremated remains into tattoo ink using a safe, sterile, proprietary method.

After our daughter, Charlotte, passed away on December 16, 2018 of SIDS, on my 30th birthday, we wanted to memorialize her in the best way possible. My wife and I struggled with multiple ideas, and ultimately decided that commemorative tattoos would be the best option. I had never gotten a tattoo, but knew this was what I wanted. I found a way to reduce the ashes of cremated remains down to a micro granule, sterilize them, then mechanically agitate them into tattoo ink! My wife and I, along with 18 of our closest friends and family, all got memorial tattoos, using the ink made from Charli Bear's ashes. We founded a company, called Your Angel's Ink, to offer everyone the opportunity to memorialize their loved one as well. We are proud to be able to give others the same peace that started the day we got our tattoos. From Ashes To Ink, With You Forever.
Price range: 
Under $500


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